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Growing Podcast Play Thru Smart Speakers

Some more insights into how people are how (and where) people are turning on and tuning into podcasts.

According to the SMART AUDIO REPORT released by NPR and Edison Research, According to The Infinite Dial 2017, 7% of Americans 12+ own a “smart speaker,” the category of voice-controlled devices that includes the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Of those, nearly three-quarters of smart speaker owners indicated that they are listening to more audio (news/talk, podcasts, audiobooks and music) at home after getting the smart speaker.

Out of the smart-speaker-owning respondents, 65% said they’re listening to more music; 28% are listening to more news/talk content; 20% are listening to more podcasts; and 18% are listening to more audio books. The average smart speaker owner listens to four hours and 15 minutes of music on a smart speaker, one hour and 15 minutes of news and one hour and 22 minutes of podcasts."

So it's not just the "connected car" that is increasing podcast listenership, but the growing use of "smart speakers" at home that is growing our podcast audience.


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