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"Podcasting may be the most powerful social medium yet imagined..."

We live in a world where "content is king" and mostly consumed on the smartphones we're tethered to night and day. So in this increasingly mobile world, how do you create the type of content that your customers actually WANT?  More and more, that means using audio or video to tell your story. For while a smartphone may be capable of doing almost anything, it's hard to read for very long on a 3 or 4 inch screen.  


That's why podcasts are so powerful.  They  represent the return of  "long form storytelling" (something you don't see much in a Twitter dominated world). Where people will actually listen for 30 minutes or more instead of the mere 30 seconds most visitors will spend on any website (even yours).  Why?  Because with audio, people  are usually listening in their car, at the gym or otherwise "multi-tasking"...something they just can't do with any other medium.  So they'll give you time to tell your story.


In short, you're connecting with your audience in a manner no other medium can match...and in a place no one else can reach them. Where they'll give you the time to tell your story, using the one and only device we all carry with us at all times.

So check out the "power of podcasting" and discover how you can make this incredible new social medium work for you by checking out all that we offer in our unique "new media model" including:

Using our state-of-the-art, professional podcast studio, we engineer and "live stream" our podcasts over our own INTERNET TALK RADIO CHANNEL,  Why?  For three reasons.

First, because it takes your individual"podcast" and turns it into a real "radio show", adding to it's perceived importance.  Would you like to be on my podcast or a guest on my radio show?

Clearly, a radio show. For by definition, podcasts are random and recorded, whereas a radio shows follow a regular schedule and are first heard live on some recognized outlet with a variety of other programs.

That's the second reason we created OC Talk create an online outlet and "radio channel" for all these conversations which we could use to grow the audience for ALL our shows (by playing them all in one place, one after the other, for a bigger, combined audience of listeners). 

And finally, we've found that by playing them LIVE (at first) we create an "urgency" to listen. It's the same reason Mark Zuckerburg from Facebook has gone "all in" on live streaming over his social medium as well.  For in a world filled with 24/7 content, you can always find a video to watch or podcast to download and listen to, but yours is  steaming LIVE...RIGHT NOW.  The same reason Twitter was talk about what's happening right now.

So live streaming brings your show some added elements of importance and urgency, and yet still gives you the archived content which anyone can find and play thru your site or ours. Or even your guest's site as well since we provide them with a free audio player containing their interview which they can embed on their site (giving you a free ad on their site...forever).

That's what we offer.  A way to build your brand and create an audience for whatever you offer by creating the the type of interesting and informative conversations they seek without  sticking another ad in  front of their face or becoming just another intrusion or interruption in their day. 


Let us show you how "live streamed  radio" can help turn you into a "thought leader" in your field, introduce you to anyone you want to meet (by interviewing them on your show) and creating the type of compelling, original content that people will seek, share and subscribe to over the one device they carry with them night and day.

Call today to find out how you can create your own online radio show.  And let us show you how easy it can be to professionally produce, engineer, stream live, record, edit and archive your show. Easily adding it to your site and all your social media (from Facebook and Twitter to your blog and even YouTube) along with the ever growing list of "podcast aggregators" (like iTunes, Soundcoud and Stitcher).


Where an ever growing audience of listeners are searching ...RIGHT NOW...for stories such as you yours.

Live Podcasting

After all the effort you go thru to find a good guest, craft an interesting and insightful interview and then stream that show live over our internet radio station, why stop there?

For every show we produce, we also create a full, written transcript for every one of your episodes and post that on your site or blog...creating an additional "5,000 word blog post" instead of the meager 500 word entry most of us struggle to write every week.  


And why is that important? SEO.

Google insists that you regularly update your site with original content.  No more "cutting and pasting" other articles from other people's articles or copy righted publications.  And if you update your site with any form  of "rich media" they'll give you extra bonus points in their secret search engine ranking system.  Why? Because they know that audio and video clips keep people on a site longer, create content that is more easily viewed and shared on a small screened smart phone (creating the all-important "links" Google is always looking for to judge a site's relevance and important in their all-important ranking system).  


And Google also knows that any sort of regularly updated site will also bring searchers back more often (as they check back to read, watch or hear the regularly scheduled new content your provide).  Just think about it.  Once someone has been to your site and read you bio or seen what you have to offer, why would they return again?


They've seen your billboard on the "information highway" we call the Internet.  It's only new ideas, information or INTERVIEWS that will make them want to view your site again.

But as powerful as those audio interviews are to your site (and its overall "search engine rankings") Google isn't smart enough (at least right now) to actually know what is contained in that audio clip.  The "search engine spiders" that constantly search thru the "world wide web" can't hear what you're saying.  

That's why a written transcript is so important still for the search engine robots to read.  And the longer the better since it gives them even more content to scroll thru, more key words and concepts to categorize and even more ways for people to find you as Google (and others) connect your page to more and more search terms.

So we give you a full, written transcript of each episode and embed that for you in your site or blog (assuming it's a Wordpress based site). Then we also create a custom graphic and simple summary to go with that post to make it it even more interesting to the search engine spiders and even more eye-catching to your readers.  


CLICK HERE to see some examples.  



Audio Creates Other Content

It's no secret that video is even more compelling, adding a visual and "emotional element" to your story.  Plus, it opens up the possibility of posting your content on YouTube as well...the second largest search engine after Google.

And as psychologists have always known, it also opens up your ideas and information to another way of learning.  For as anyone who's ever studied "neuro-linguistic programming" (NLP) knows, we all learn differently.  Some are auditory learners (indicated  by the phrase "I hear what you're saying").  While others learn better visually (as indicated when they say "I see what you mean").  By turning you audio into video you reach this group as well.

We do this by creating an "animated overlay" to the audio track, with pictures of the speakers, what are called in television "lower third displays" below each photo (giving the speaker's name, title, company and website).  


And then our graphic artists pull out key words, phrases, quotes or statistics from the conversation and add those as animated text appearing and disappearing on the screen creating an eye-catching video in the process (sort of like an automated, animated PowerPoint over the podcast).

CLICK HERE to see an example.

Completing our "triad of content". Three pieces of content for every episode we create:  one audio podcast, one video overlay and one written transcript which can be turned into a blog (for SEO purposes) or re-purposed and re-packaged into additional written content as  well (such as ebooks or whitepapers).

The audio production and  "SEO package"  (including the custom graphics, short summaries and full transcripts for every episode) are included in our basic package. 

The video created out of this animated overlay  (which we call VIDEO RADIO) is provided at an additional charge

as an upgrade to our basic



Visual Radio

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