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Power of Podcasting

Tuesdays thru Fridays we produce and stream live internet radio shows from our professional podcast studio. But on Mondays and Fridays

(and other open times) we open our studio to anyone who wishes to create an individual,

30 minute podcast.  


The cost includes a live engineer, recording

(up to 25 minutes of actual audio content) and

15 minutes of free editing time (to clean up any obvious errors, gaps, glitches, etc.)  We can also include a full, written transcript for your show along with a custom graphic that we can embed directly into your blog and short summary for each episode we produce.

Call 949-330-7760 for our rates/packages.


Thru PAYPAL, we accept all major credit cards.  Payment is required at time of booking.  Refunds will only be provided if you cancel your recording session within 24 hours of the time it was reserved.


We can accommodate one host with up to 2 guests (in-studio at one time). PLUS we can call one additional guest via regular land line or cell (landline preferred).  We can also interview

guests via SKYPE (for overseas calls or better audio quality). Using SKYPE, we can accommodate up to 9 callers on one SKYPE conference.  But note: in such situations we CANNOT control the separate audio levels or quality of each SKYPE participant.  We can also accept "live call-ins" as well from either land lines or cell phones.


No charge if hosts want to bring in their own video camera and record their "in-studio" experience for YOU TUBE or other video channels. See examples by CLICKING HERE.


At the end of your session, we will supply you with the raw audio from your session (SD card needed).  Finished audio will be sent to you via Dropbox within 7 days. 


If you wish for us to host your files on our server and provide you with the code for an HTML5 audio player which can be embedded on your site, the cost is an additional $50/year for up to 100mb of audio.

Five Reasons You 

Should Be Podcasting

              by Steve Olenski

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